Honey Hemp Charcoal Detox Mask ~ 633mg Hemp Oil - 329mgCBD


Our honey hemp charcoal detox mask is made with our Natural full-spectrum hemp oil  infused with raw honey creating a blend filled with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that organically nourish your skin. This rich, velvety, deep cleansing detox mask will remove impurities and hydrate your skin promoting overall skin health. The added benefits of our hemp oil include combating signs of aging by counteracting free radical damage, stimulation of skin regeneration, improving elasticity and skin firmness and the control of oil production without clogging pores.

All of our hemp oil products are derived from the highest quality natural seed (non-feminized), non-GMO, which we grow, harvest and process ourselves, hence, Seed-to-Skin. We use only the highest quality ingredients and no artificial coloring, no flavoring, no scenting, no additives or preservatives and no harsh chemicals.  

Directions: Apply evenly to face and allow to set for 20 minutes. Gently remove by splashing face with warm water. Follow by applying one of our hemp oil/CBD balms to moisturize.



All of our CBD balms are derived from the highest quality Natural Seed, non-GMO. CBD oil, which we grow, harvest and process ourselves, hence from SEED TO SKIN with only the highest degree of ingredients and no artificial dyes, no added preservatives and no harsh chemicals or perfumes. We are hands-on from the beginning to the end process and our devotion to creating this superior product is present every step of the way!