A very different hemp company

We are a strictly Natural Seed Hemp grower and product manufacturer, with farms in North Carolina and Montana. Two farms are necessary when growing and producing with Natural Seed, as one needs a bio-mass farm and a seed farm, and one cannot pollinate the other. Only an estimated 2% of growers and manufacturers in the U.S. are Natural Seed companies with products that reach the market. The other 98% use what is called feminized seed and produce products derived from such. Natural Seed is proven to be far superior and produces far more efficacious and robust plants, and we discuss this topic in great detail under the "Nat vs Fem Seed" tab. The reason growers use feminized seed is because it is far less cost-and labor‐intensive, and therefore much cheaper to grow and produce. This is why only 2% of growers in the U.S. are Natural Seed farmers, but the results are astoundingly superior.

Get to know us!

Dawn and Lee are the founders and proprietors of Heka Cherie Organics. We began as Hemp farm managers in four different states before separating and adding the manufacturing end. Dawn's prior experience is working in the balm industry for 13+ years. Bringing these two sets of abilities together has resulted in a tremendous response from a great amount of customers, and directly led to the formation of Heka Cherie Organics. 

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Why Choose Heka Cherie?

We are a vertically integrated company meaning we do everything from start to finish, in this case planting the seed all the way to the finished product you apply to your skin. This is a rarity in the hemp industry. Amidst that, there are three things that differentiate us from other hemp companies: we grow strictly with Natural Seed, we grow our own hemp, and we use truly organic methods.

Natural vs. Feminized

If natural holistic remedies and health is what is important to your lifestyle, then in our opinion you should only use products derived from Natural Seed.

Truly Organic Methods

There are three things in the hemp industry that comprise and define a product as being truly organic. One would be very surprised at the misuse and misrepresentation of this term. Read further under the Nat vs. Fem tab.

Vertically Integrated

We grow our own hemp – we plant, grow, tend, harvest and process all the hemp we use in our products. We are the only hemp Co. in the U.S. who is a true Seed- to- Skin company.