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Post 9 mos of PCL surgery I’ve had trouble dealing with chronic knee pain. As my road to recovery continues I was in need of a product to give nearly instant pain relief, especially when it comes to heavy exercise. Luckily I discovered Heka Cherie! When it comes to body aches and pain I’ve forever said goodbye to ibuprofen and hello to a CBD balm that guarantees relief in less than 5 minutes . Thank you!!
— Harry L. [Verified Customer]
I can’t live without this stuff. I put it on my face and it gives my skin a natural glow and it makes it so soft. It doesn’t make my skin greasy or oily so it a perfect moisturizer. It feels like I am putting magic onto my skin! My boyfriends ankle was super swollen and in a lot of pain – I put your balm on it and the next day he was almost 100% better!
— Sydney F. [Verified Customer]
Hi! I got home last night and was welcomed home by your products!! Wow! Have never seen anything out there like this! I put some on my knee and my son’s back and had immediate results!!!! This stuff is incredible!! Thank you for the nice note. Thank you!!!
— Jackie P. [Verified Customer]
I have used this balm and it is truly amazing. I use it every night before bed and in the morning before applying foundation. I have received so many compliments on my skin since using it everyday. It takes away fine lines and under eye puffiness and wrinkles. My Mom actually thought I had work done on my face! When I told her about your “magic potion” she asked me to purchase a few for the trying – my treat of course JJ I m sold on Heka Cherie, and am now a raging fan!!!!!
— Maria H. [Verified Customer]
Your magic balm is amazing!!!! I can’t rave enough about how wonderful it is. It not only smells fabulous and earthy but also provides the numerous nutrients my skin has been craving – in an all natural form of course <3 Perfect for my sensitive skin! Thank you so much for making this lovely product!
— Katie M. [Verified Customer]
In my 50s I have started to experience a lot of arthritis, Especially in the winter or damp weather. I also deal with a lot of neck and shoulder pain from a previous car accident and surgeries. I never thought I could find relief in creams and ointments because I’ve tried them all in search of relief and I recently tried this and I have to say how awesome it is in just about 20 to thirty minutes I feel relief right away I ride horses and also found it helpful for my aches and pains in my knuckles from saddling up my horse , I’m actually going to try this on my horse when and if I see she encounters any joint pain or needs relief from stiffness. This stuff is just Magic I highly recommend this to anyone in need of relief of aches and pains a little goes a long way too!
— Leanne D. [Verified Customer]