Natural Seed, Non-GMO, Non-Feminized Hemp Oil Products

From Seed to Skin

Why Choose Heka Cherie?

Natural Seed vs. Feminized

If natural remedies and health is what is important to your lifesrtyle, then in our opinion you should only use products derived from natural seed.

Truly Organic Methods

There are three things in the hemp industry that comprise and define a product as being truly organic. One would be very surprised at the misuse and misrepresentation of this term. Read further in the tab below.

Vertically Integrated

We grow our own hemp - we plant grow, tend, harvest and process all the hemp we use in our products. This is a rarity in the hemp business.

Our Products

1950mg/960mg(CBD) Deep Earth Natural Seed Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Balm

Our Strongest Formula
[ Pain Management ]

700mg/325mg(CBD) Radiant Green Natural Seed Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Balm

For Normal Skin
[ Skincare + Pain Management ]

520mg/260mg(CBD) Golden Glow Natural Seed Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Balm

For Sensitive Skin
[ Skincare + Pain Management ]

Natural Seed Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture - 1940mg Hemp Oil/1050mg (CBD) 30ML

For a full and restful sleep and an overall-well being

Natural Seed Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Gummies - 1920mg Hemp Oil/1040mg (CBD) 20 - ct

Anti-anxiety, Anti-stress relief for an overall state of well-being

Balms for All Skin Types

From normal to sensitive, and ailments mild to severe, we have you covered.

What Our Customers Say
Post 9 mos. of PCL surgery I’ve had trouble dealing with chronic knee pain. As my road to recovery continues I was in need of a product to give nearly instant pain relief, especially when it comes to heavy exercise. Luckily I discovered Heka Cherie! When it comes to body aches and pain I’ve forever said goodbye to ibuprofen and hello to a CBD balm that guarantees relief in less than 5 minutes. Thank you!!
— Harry L. [Verified Customer]
A great product for muscle aches and pains. It also helped heal some large scars on my back. I have also bought your extra strong ointment for my brother-­in-law, who had knee surgery. He said it is helping him tremendously with the pain. Thank you for the great all natural product!
— Sarah L. [Verified Customer]
I can’t live without this stuff. I put it on my face and it gives my skin a natural glow and it makes it so soft. It doesn’t make my skin greasy or oily so it a perfect moisturizer. It feels like I am putting magic onto my skin! My boyfriends ankle was super swollen and in a lot of pain – I put your balm on it and the next day he was almost 100% better!
— Sydney F. [Verified Customer]
I got home last night and was welcomed home by your products!! Wow! Have never seen anything out there like this! I put some on my knee and my son’s back and had immediate results!!!! This stuff is incredible!! Thank you for the nice note. Thank you!!!
— Jackie P. [Verified Customer]

Strictly Growing
Natural Seed

Only an estimated 2% of growers and manufacturers are Natural Seed companies with products that reach the market.