Why Choose Heka Cherie?

Heka Cherie Organics is a very different hemp company. We are a fully vertically integrated company meaning we do everything from start to finish, in this case meaning planting the seeds all the way to the finished product you apply to your skin, this is a rarity in the hemp industry. Amongst that, there are three things that differentiate us from other hemp companies: we use strictly natural seed, we grow our own hemp, and we use truly organic methods.

Natural Seed vs. Feminized

If natural holistic remedies and health is what is important to your lifestyle, then in our opinion you should only use products derived from natural seed.

Truly Organic Methods

There are three things in the hemp industry that comprise and define a product as being truly organic. One would be very surprised at the misuse and misrepresentation of this term.

Vertically Integrated

We grow our own hemp – we plant grow, tend, harvest and process all the hemp we use in our products.This is a rarity in the hemp business.

Get to know us!

Dawn and Lee are the founders and proprietors of Heka Cherie. We have been working in the balm industry for 13+ years, as well as being experienced hemp farmers. Bringing these two sets of abilities together, combined with our knowledge of hemp/CBD, has resulted in a great response from a tremendous amount of customers, and directly led to the formation of Heka Cherie Organics.