Welcome to Hemp Simplified--In this space we'd like to get all the information to you that we possibly can as pertains to Hemp, and we will do it in a very layman-like manner for easy reading. We will do this in a blog style format and will be added to constantly, and if there are EVER any specific areas you'd like us to discuss please just reach us via email and we will address it pronto. As a whole, here we wish to expound upon our own thoughts, practices, knowledge, news and mission about Hemp in general, and most specifically as regards Natural Seed and Feminized Seed hemp. We'll address attributes of the plant and how those attributes affect farming all the way to specific compounds found within the hemp plant. We'll discuss and explain the Endocannabinoid System (the ECS), found in all mammals, and how it works. And as we are literally the only Seed-to-Skin hemp farmer and manufacturer in the U.S. that we are aware of, and most definitely the only one's in the U.S. who do it with Natural Hemp (also referred to as Regular Hemp), we believe we have a very unique insight and understanding of the hemp plant, because who really knows better than the actual farmer. It's important in any business to know every single step and stage of your business, and we live and practice this every day. So, please enjoy, take what you can, and again, if there's a topic you'd like covered that you'd like to know more about, please don't hesitate to reach us. Our email is at the bottom of the homepage for easy access. Thank you, Everyone, and now off to the races... From Seed-to-Skin!
January 19, 2024